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Polar Scan Matching (PSM)

Polar scan matching (PSM) approach source code without the SLAM part described in: can be downloaded here (242KB). Version 0.31 contains only minor changes: Makefile was changed to make sure it compiles under Ubuntu 15.04; drawing was sped up a bit by reducing the number of colour look-ups and an error in the scan angle increment calculation (thanks David Zh for pointing it out) was fixed.

Version 0.3 can be downloaded here (221KB). Version 0.3 is released under a BSD style licence. There were numerous changes made: it works now with more laser range finder models as Sick LMS 200, Hokuyo URG-LX04 and Hokuyo UTM-30LX; PSM has been made into a library; a lot of code has been removed to ease maintenance; Doxygen style documentation has been added... There also is a minor interface change: the scan preprocessing functions are no longer accessible separately. Use pm_preprocessScan instead. A FAQ has also been added. This version of PSM is still a work in progress. It compiles under Fedora 11 but linking hangs in the netbook version of Ubuntu 10.04 running on a netbook with 512MB of memory and no swap space. Linking works fine without X11 (by disabling graphics in draw.h).

Version 0.1 is found here (62KB). Version 0.1 of the polar matching program is licensed under the GNU public license (GPL). The program has been tested under Red Hat 9.0 and Mandrake 10.0 with Sick LMS laser scans. This PSM implementation assumes 180deg scans with 1deg bearing resolution.<\P>

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