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Funded Research Projects

Project DurationInvestigator0Total FundingTitleLinkNote
2003-2007Ray Jarvis Lindsay Kleeman Andy Russell David Suter $5,625,000ARC Centre for Perceptive and Intelligent Machines in Complex Environments (Director: Ray Jarvis)link Joint with A/Prof Ingrid Zuckerman of Monash CSSE, Venkatesh of West - Curtin; Srinivasan of ANU; Moffat, Sterling, Stuckey and Kotagiri of Melbourne University
2004-2006David Suter $201,000Visual Tracking: Geometric Fitting and FilteringARC Discovery grant
2002-2003Lindsay Kleeman $181,000Advanced sonar sensing for roboticsARC Discovery grant
2005Lindsay Kleeman $12,000An acoustic waveguide sonar ringEngineering Research Committee Small Grant
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