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Centre Photos

SLAMbot is a robot for real time simultaneous localisation and mapping research.  SLAMbot has two sonar tracking sensors with full echo capture via the PCI bus to processor memory (4 channels at 12 bits by 1 MHz sampling).  A SICK laser range finder is mounted on the front for fast obstacle avoidance.  The robot was designed by Greg Curmi and A/Prof. Lindsay Kleeman.  Steve Armstrong has also assisted in the construction of the robot more recently.
Werrimbi (an Australian aboriginal term that means 'bat') is a robot with an advanced sonar sensor and a novel odometry design.  People that contribute to its existence and intellgence are A/Prof. Lindsay Kleeman, Greg Curmi,  Chong Kok Seng  and Steve Armstrong.

MD-15 is an outdoor robot used in autonomous navigation experiments. The people who contribute their expertises are Prof. Ray Jarvis, Tristan Crees, and Shaun Geddes
Go-2 is a robot designed for Scienceworks. The mastermind ensemble behind this project include Prof. Ray Jarvis, Tristan Crees, Alan Lipton and Shaun Geddes.
Geoff Taylor learning plastic moulding techniques from Andrew Price. A mobile robot base pattern appears on the left and the silicon mould on the right.
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