Sunday, 12 July

Workshop Program

Workshop Chair: Randell Bramley

Monday, 13 July

Workshop Program


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Cocktail Party


Tuesday, 14 July





Opening: The Right Honorable Alan Stockdale, State Treasurer and Minister for Multimedia



Keynote Speaker: Friedel Hossfeld, Central Institute for Applied Mathematics, Supercomputing Centre Research Centre, Juelich



The Value of Diversity: Meet the Need in CS&E






Session 1A: High Performance Numerical Libraries

Session 1B: Architectural Resource Management 2.


Markus Hegland, Mike Osborne

Jose Gonzalez and Antonio Gonzalez


Algorithms for Block Bidiagonal Systems on Vector and Parallel Computers

The Potential of Data Value Speculation to Boost ILP


Peter Christen

Bryan Black, Brian Mueller, Stephanie Postal, Ryan Rakvie, Noppanunt Utamaphethai, John Paul Shen


A Parallel Iterative Linear System Solver with Dynamic Load Balancing

Load Execution Latency Reduction


R. Brent, L. Grosz, D. Harrar II, M. Hegland, M. Kahn, G. Keating, G. Mercer, O. Nielsen, M. Osborne, B. Zhou

Luis Villa, Roger Espasa, Mateo Valero.


Development of a Mathematical Subroutine Library for Fujitsu Vector Parallel

A Performance Study of Out-of-Order Vector Architectures and Short Registers


Lunch - Free Time



Session 2. Sparse Computation and Data Layout



Rong-Guey Chang, Tyng-Ruey Chuang, Jenq Kuen Lee



Efficient Support of Parallel Sparse Computation for Array Intrinsic Functions of Fortran 90



David A. Koufaty, Josep Torrellas



Comparing Data Forwarding and Prefetching for communication-induced Misses in Shared-Memory MPs



Dhruva R. Chakrabarti, Nagaraj Shenoy, Alok Choudhary, Prithviraj Banerjee



An Efficient Uniform Run-time Scheme for Mixed Regular-Irregular Applications



M. Kandemir, A. Choudhary, N. Shenoy, P. Banerjee, J. Ramanujam



A Hyperplane Based Approach for Optimizing Spatial Locality in Loop Nests






Session 3A. Speculative Execution

Session 3B. Compilation Technology


Pedro Marcuello, Antonio Gonzalez and Jordi Tubulla

Siegfried Benkner, Piyush Mehrotra, John Van Rosendale, Hans Zima


Speculative Multithreaded Processor

High-Level Management of Communication Schedules in HPF like languages


Venkata Krishnan and Josep Torrellas

Thomas Fahringer, Eduard Mehofer


Hardware and Software Support for Speculative Execution of Sequential Binaries on a Chip-Multiprocessor

Problem and Machine Sensitive Communication Optimization


Iffat H.Kazi and David J. Lilja

Gerald Roth, Ken Kennedy


Coarse-Grained Speculative Execution in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors

Loop Fusion in High Performance Fortran


Pritpal S. Ahuja, Kevin Skadron, Margaret Martonosi, Douglas W. Clark

M.Jimenez, J.M.Llaberta,A.Fernandez,E.Morancho


Multi-Path Execution: Opportunities and Limits

A General Algorithm for Tiling at the Register Level


Free Time


6:00 - 8.00 pm

State Reception and Cocktail Party, Proudly Supported by State Government of Victoria


Wednesday 15 July


Session 4A. Metacomputing and Cluster-Based Applications.

Session 4B. Compilation Technology.


Neil Spring, Rich Wolski

Francois Bodin, Yann Mevel, Rene Quiniou


Application Level Scheduling of Gene Sequence Comparison on Metacomputers

A User Level Program Transformation Tool


Kimura and H.Takemiya

William M Pottenger


Local Area Metacomputing for Multidisciplinary Problems: A Case Study for Fluid/Structure Co Simulation

The Role of Associativity and Commutativity in the Detection and transformation of loop level parallelism.


Dingchao Li, Akira Mizuno, Yuji Iwahori, Naohiro Ishii

Weng-Long Chang, Chih-Ping Chu


Exploiting Hetrogeneous Parallelism in the Presence of Communication Delays

The Infinity Lambda Test


Jorg Henrichs

Sungdo Moon, Mary Hall and Brian Murphy


Optimizing and Load Balancing Metacomputing Applications

Predicated Array Data-Flow Analysis for Run-Time


Cosimo Anglano

Byoungro So, Sungdo Moon, Mary W. Hall


Predicting Parallel Applications Performance on Non-dedicated
Cluster Platforms

Measuring the Effectiveness of Automatic Parallesisation in SUIF





Keynote: Ian Foster - Argonne National Laboratories



Future Supercomputers: Supernodes for the Grid



Lunch - Free Time



Session 5. Distributed Software Structures.



Maciej Brodowicz and Olin Johnson



PARADISE: An Advanced Featured Parallel File System.



Jan-Jan Wu, Pangfeng Liu



Distributed Data Structure Design for Scientific Computation



Lars Lundberg, Daniel Hoggander



Bounding on the Gain of Optimizing Data Layout in Vector Processors






Winery Tour & Conference Dinner </


Thursday 16 July


Session 6A. Software Support for Memory Hierarchy Management

Session 6B. Parallel Applications and Algorithms


Francis O'Carroll, Hiroshi Tezuka, Atsushi Hori and Yutaka Ishikawa

Paul D. Coddington and S.H. Ko


The Design and Implementation of Zero Copy MPI Using Commodity Hardware with a High Performance Network

Techniques for Empirical Testing of Parallel Random Number Generators


Cheng Liao, Dongming Jiang, Liviu Iftode, Margaret Matonosi, Douglas W. Clark

Alexis Vartanian, Jean-Luc Bechennec, Nathalie Drach-Temam


Monitoring Shared Virtual Memory Performance on a Myrinet-based PC Cluster

Evaluation of High Performance Multicache Parallel Texture Mapping


Takashi Matsumoto, Kei Hiraki

V. Krishnaswamy, P. Banerjee


MBCF: A Protected and Virtualized High-Speed User-Level Memory-Based Communication Facility

Parallel Compiled Event Driven VHDL Simulation


Osamu Tatebem, Yuetsu Kodama, Satoshi Sekiguchi, Yoshimori Yamaguchi

Andrew Sohn, Yuetsu Kodama


Highly Efficient Implementation of MPI Point-to-Point Communication Using Remote Memory Operations

Load Balanced Parallel Radix Sort


Angelos Bilas, Liviu Iftode, Jaswinder Pal Singh

Kenji Suehiro, Hitoshi Murai, Yoshiki Seo


Evaluation of Hardware-Support for Next Generation Shared Virtual Memory Clusters

Integer Sorting on Shared-Memory Vector Parallel Computers





Keynote: Kei Hiraki, Tokyo University



Speculative Execution Model with Duplication



Lunch - Free Time



Session 7A. Multithreaded Systems

Session 7B. Prefetching


Suvas Vajracharya, Dirk Grunwald

Mattias M. Muller, Thomas M. Warschko, Walter F. Tichy


Dependence Driven Execution for Multiprogrammed Multiprocessors

Prefetching on the Cray-T3E


Eleftherios D. Polychronopoulos, Xavier Martorell, Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos, Jesus Labarta

P. Ibanez, V. Vinals, J.L. Briz and M.J. Garzaran



Characterization and Improvement of Load/Store Cache-based Prefetching


Theodore S. Papatheodorou, Nacho Navarro

Chi-Hung Chi,Chi-Ming Cheung


Kernel-Level Scheduling for the Nano--Threads Programming Model.

Hardware-Driven Prefetching for Pointer Data References


Jeong-Si Kim, Young-Kee Jun

Ricardo Bianchini, Raquel Pinto and Claudio L. Amorim


Scalable On-the-fly Detection of the First Races in Parallel Programs

Data Prefetching for Software DSMs


Gabriel Rivera, Chan-Wen Tseng



Eliminating Conflict Misses for High Performance Architectures






Session 8. Interconnection Networks



Yomin Hou, Chien-Min Wang, Lih-Hsing Hsu



Depth Contention-Free Broadcasting on Torus Networks



Enrique V. Carrera, Ricardo Bianchini



OPTNET: A Cost Effective Optical Network for Multiprocessors



C. Izu, A . Arrubarrena



Applying Segment Routing to k-ary n-cube Networks



Sajal Das, Daniel Harvey, and Rupak Biswas



Dynamic Load Balancing for Adaptive Meshes using Symmetric Broadcast Networks



Free Time



Yarra River and Inner Harbour Boat Cruise including Buffet Dinner


Friday 17 July


Mateo Valero, University Poltecnica de Catalunya, Spain 


Vector Architectures: Past, Present and Future






Session 9. Architecture.



Rakefet Kol and Ran Ginosar



Kin : A High Performance Asynchronous Processor Architecture



David Lopez, Josep Llosa, Mateo Valero, Eduard Ayguade



Resource Widening Versus Replication: Limits and Performance - Cost Trade-Off



Jude A. Rivers, Edward S. Tam, Gary S. Tyson, Edward S. Davidson



Utilizing Reuse Information in Data Cache Management



Stefanos Kaxiras, Stein Gjessing, James R. Goodman



A Study of Three Dynamic Approaches to Handle Widely Shared Data in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors



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