Call for Papers

14th International Conference on Supercomputing

May 8-11, 2000 Santa Fe, New Mexico


Sponsored by ACM SIGARCH


The main focus of ICS'00 will be high performance and parallel computing systems viewed from the three perspectives of applications, software, and architectures. The conference will include invited talks, an exhibition, and a number of special sessions and panels. Several one-day workshops and tutorials are planned whose details will be announced separately. May 6-7 and 12, 2000 are reserved for workshops and tutorials. Papers on all aspects of research, development, and application of such systems are solicited, including (but not limited to) the following:


Papers must be submitted in electronic form at or e-mailed to Submissions should not exceed 6,000 words and use pdf or postscript format (previewable by Ghostview). Refer to the ICS'00 web site for detailed submission information.



Dr. John Reynders

Prof. Alex Veidenbaum

Prof. Kei Hiraki

Prof. Ulrich Trottenberg

General Chair

Program Chair

Program Vice-Chair

Program Vice-Chair

Advanced Computing Lab

Computer Science

Information Science


MS B287

University of California

University of Tokyo

Schloss Birlinghoven

Los Alamos National Lab

Irvine, CA 92697-3425

7-3-1 Hongo Bunkyo-ku

D-53754 Sankt Augustin

Los Alamos, NM 87545


Tokyo, Japan 113



Important Dates


Dec. 10, 1999


Feb. 10, 2000

Final papers:

March 10, 2000

Workshops and tutorials will be held immediately preceding or following the conference on May 6-7 or May 12. Workshop and tutorial proposals are due by January 10, 2000.