ICS'00 Preliminary Program

May 8-11, 2000

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Monday, May 8 2000

8:00am Continental breakfast

9:00am Conference Opening

9:20am Keynote speech "Lies, Damn Lies, and Supercomputing" Steve Oberlin (Cray Research)

10:20am Break

10:30am Session I Java Compilation and Performance

"Automatic Loop Transformations and Parallelization for Java," P. Artigas (USP, Brazil) and M. Gupta, S.P. Midkiff, & J.E. Moreira (IBM)

"Compiling Object-Oriented Data Intensive Applications," R. Ferreira & J. Saltz (Maryland), and G. Agrawal (Delaware)

"Using Complete System Simulation to Characterize SPECjvm98 Benchmarks," T. Li, L.K. John & J. Sabarinathan (Austin) and V. Narayanan, A. Sivasubramaniam & A. Murthy (Penn State)

12:00pm Lunch (on your own)

1:30pm Session II Interconnection Networks/Network Processors

"Performance Evaluation of a New Routing Strategy for Irregular Networks with Source Routing," J. Flich, M.P. Malumbres, P. López & J. Duato (UPV, Spain)

"Improving Parallel System Performance by Changing the Arrangement of the Network Links," V. Puente, J.A. Gregorio, R. Beivide, J.M. Prellezo & F. Vallejo (Unican, Spain) and C. Izu (Adelaide, Australia)

"Characterizing Processor Architectures for Programmable Network Interfaces," P. Crowley, M.E. Fiuczynski, J-L Baer & B.N. Bershad (Washington)

3:00pm Break

3:30pm Session III Sparse Compilation Techniques

"Adaptive Reduction Parallelization Techniques," H. Yu & L. Rauchwerger (Texas A&M)

"A Compiler Method for the Parallel Execution of Irregular Reductions in Scalable Shared Memory Multiprocessors," E. Gutiérrez, O. Plata & E.L. Zapata (UMA, Spain)

"Next-generation Generic Programming and its Application to Sparse Matrix Computations," N. Mateev, K. Pingali & P. Stodghill (Cornell) and V. Kotlyar (IBM)


Tuesday, May 9 2000

8:30am Session IV MP Scheduling, Load Balancing, Memory Management

"A Simulation-based Study of Scheduling Mechanisms for a Dynamic Cluster Environment," Y. Zhang & A. Sivasubramaniam (Penn State) and J. Moreira & H. Franke (IBM)

"Design of Dynamic Load-Balancing Tools for Parallel Applications," K. Devine, B. Hendrickson, E. Boman, M. St.John & C. Vaughan (Sandia)

"A Case for User-Level Dynamic Page Migration," D.S. Nikolopoulos & T.S. Papatheodorou (Patras, Greece), C.D. Polychronopoulos (UIUC), and J. Labarta & E. Ayguadé (UPC, Spain)

10:00am Break

10:15am Session V Compilation I

"Fast Greedy Weighted Fusion," K. Kennedy (Rice)

"Synthesizing Transformations for Locality Enhancement of Imperfectly-nested Loop Nests," N. Ahmed, N. Mateev & K. Pingali (Cornell)

"Optimized Unrolling of Nested Loops," V. Sarkar (IBM)

12:00pm Lunch (on your own)

1:30pm Session VI Memory Hierarchy

"Hardware-Only Stream Prefetching and Dynamic Access Ordering," C. Zhang & S.A. McKee (Utah)

"Push vs. Pull: Data Movement for Linked Data Structures," C-L Yang & A.R. Lebeck (Duke)

"Boosting Superpage Utilization with the Shadow Memory and the Partial-Subblock TLB," C.H. Park, J.W. Chung, B-H Seong, Y.W. Roh & D. Park (KAIST, Korea)

3:00pm Break

3:20pm Session VII Micro-Architecture

"Table Size Reduction for Data Value Predictors by Exploiting Narrow Width Values," T. Sato & I. Arita (Kyushu, Japan)

"Using Profiling to Reduce Branch Misprediction Costs on a Dynamically Scheduled Processor," S. Mantripragarda (Silicon Graphics) & A. Nicolau (UC Irvine)

4:20pm Break

4:40pm An ASCI Alliance Invited Panel : "Future Challenges in Terascale Computing"


Wednesday, May 10 2000

8:45am Invited talk "Clusters and the Future of Populist Parallelism," Dr. Greg Pfister (IBM)

9:45am Session VIII Applications

"An Adaptive Software Library for Fast Fourier Transforms," D. Mirkovic, R. Mahasoom & L. Johnsson (Houston)

"Using Accurate Arithmetic to Improve Numerical Reproducibility and Stability in Parallel Applications," Y. He & C.H.Q. Ding (UC Berkeley)

10:45am Break

11:00am Session IX Performance Evaluation and Modeling

"Performance Evaluation of the IBM SP and Compaq AlphaServer SC," P. Worley (ORNL)

"Performance Analysis of Distributed Applications using Automatic Classification of Communication Inefficiencies," J. Vetter (LLNL)

"A General Performance Model for Parallel Sweeps on Orthogonal Grids for Particle Transport Calculations," M.M. Mathis, N.M. Amato & M.L. Adams (Texas A&M)

1:00 - 5:00pm: Optional Excursion

Thursday, May 11 2000

8:30am Session X MP Potpourri

"Hardware Spatial Forwarding for Widely Shared Data," M. Pirvu & L. Bhuyan (Texas A&M)

"A Novel Application Development Environment for Large-Scale Scientific Computations," X. Shen, W. Liao, A. Choudhary, G. Memik , S. More (Northwestern), M. Kandemir (Penn State), G. Thiruvathukal & A. Singh (DePaul)

"Comparative Study of Page-Based and Segment-Based Software DSM through Compiler Optimization," J. Niwa, T. Matsumoto & K. Hiraki (Tokyo, Japan)

10:00am Break

10:30am Session XI Compilation II

"Unroll-based Register Coalescing," S. Kim, S-M Moon & J. Park (SNU, Korea) and K. Ebcioglu (IBM)

"Automatic Compiler Techniques for Thread Coarsening for Multithreaded Architectures," G.M. Zoppetti, G. Agrawal & L. Pollock (Delaware) and J.N. Amaral, X. Tang & G. Gao (Delaware)

"Automated Cache Optimizations using CME Driven Diagnosis," S. Ghosh, M. Martonosi & S. Malik (Princeton)

12:00pm Lunch

1:30pm Session XII Instruction-Level Parallelism

"A Low-Complexity Issue Logic," R. Canal & A. González (UPC, Spain)

"Binary Translation and Architecture Convergence Issues for IBM System/390," M. Gschwind, K. Ebcioglu, E. Altman, & S. Sathaye (IBM)

2:30pm Closing