15th ACM International Conference
on Supercomputing

June, 16 - 21, 2001
Sorrento, Naples

Sponsored by ACM/SIGARCH

The Conference will take place at the Sorrento Palace Hotel located in Sorrento.
The hotel is located on the hills of Sorrento, in an extremely privileged position, overlooking the bay of Naples, and not far from the sea, in a huge park.

Sorrento is a small town (total surface area: 9.9 Km2) of 17,371 inhabitants, located at 50 km from Naples. Holiday resort of world-wide renown, Sorrento boasts of a remarkable agricultural production; oranges and lemons in fact, as well as olives and walnuts, are the symbol of Sorrento.

The name "Surrentum" derives from the myth of the mermaids whose singing allured the seamen and got them to loose their way. According to the legend Ulysses and his comrades escaped them plugging their ears with wax. The mermaids, so humbled, were turned into rocks called today Li Galli and sited in front of Positano.

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