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Athens, St Malo, Crete, Amsterdam, Cologne, Washington, Tokyo, Manchester, Barcelona, Philadelphia, Vienna, Melbourne, Rhodes, Santa Fe

15th ACM International Conference on Supercomputing

Final Program

June 16-21, 2001
Sorrento, Italy

Sponsored by ACM/SIGARCH

General Chair Program Chair Program Vice Chairs
Hardware & Architecture Software Algorithms & Applications
Mario Mango Furnari
IC, CNR, Italy
Efstratios Gallopoulos
University of Patras
Alex Veidenbaum
UC Irvine
Alex Nicolau
UC Irvine
Bernard Philippe
IRISA, Rennes
Finance Chair Publicity Chair
Local Arrangements Chair Tutorials & Workshops Chair
Josep-Lluis Larriba
UPC, Barcelona
Eduard Ayguadé
UPC, Barcelona
Roberto Vaccaro
CPS, CNR, Italy
Claudia Di Napoli
IC, CNR, Italy

Program Committee

Patrick Amestoy (ENSEEIHT-IRIT, Toulouse)

Mario Arioli (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, U.K.)

Irina Athanasiu (Bucharest)

Luiz Barroso (Compaq, USA)

Randall Bramley (Indiana)

Brad Calder (UC San Diego)

Nick Carter (Illinois)

Nikos Chrisochoides (William & Mary)

Bruno Codenotti (IMC-CNR, Pisa)

Frederica Darema (NSF, Washington)

Iain Duff (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, U.K.)

Ruediger Esser (ZAM, Juelich)

Kyle Gallivan (Florida State)

Antonio Gonzalez (Barcelona)

Rajiv Gupta (U. Arizona)

Elias Houstis (Patras, Purdue)

Liviu Iftode (Rutgers)

Manolis Katevenis (Crete)

Errikos Kontogheorghis (Neuchatel)

Jesus Llabarta (Barcelona)

Pierre Leca (CEA, France)

Gyungho Lee (Iowa)

Gerard Meurant (CEA, Bruyeres-le-Chatel)

Trevor Mudge (Michigan)

Yoichi Muraoka (Waseda)

Sam Midkiff (IBM, Yorktown Heights)

Hiroshi Nakashima (Toyohashi)

Theodore Papatheodorou (Patras)

Yale Patt (Texas)

Serge Petiton (Lille)

Keshav Pingali (Cornell)

Constantine Polychronopoulos (Illinois)

John Rice (Purdue)

Jean Roman (Bordeaux)

Emilia Rosti (Milan)

Yousef Saad (Minnesota)

Ahmed Sameh (Purdue)

Vivek Sarkar (IBM, Yorktown Heights)

Andre Seznec (IRISA, Rennes)

Andreas Stathopoulos (William & Mary)

Dennis Trystram (Grenoble)

Roberto Vaccaro (CPS, CNR, Naples)

Marian Vajtersik (Bratislava)

David Walker (Cardiff)

Harry Wijshoff (Leiden)

Zahari Zlatev (NERI, Roskilde)

Saturday, June 16 Sunday, June 17


IA-64 Architecture and Compiler Technology
(M. Serrano - Intel)

Java for High-Performance Computing

Caching, Coherence and Consistency

Monday, June 18 Tuesday, June 19
9:00 Conference Opening Session 4.1: Program Development Tools

"Tools for Application-Oriented Performance Tuning" J. Mellor-Crummey, R. Fowler, and D. Whalley

"Global Optimization Techniques for Automatic Parallelization of Hybrid Applications" D. R. Chakrabarti and Pr. Banerjee

"Tuning High-Performance Scientific Codes: The Use of Performance Models to Control Resource Usage During Data Migration and I/O" J. Lee, M. Winslett, X. Ma and S. Yu

"Computer Aided Hand Tuning (CAHT): 'Applying Case-Based Reasoning to Performance Tuning'" A. Monsifrot and F. Bodin (20')
Session 4.2: Embedded Systems & Special Applications

"Cache Performance for Multimedia Applications" N. Slingerland and A. J. Smith

"On the Potential of Tolerant Region Reuse for Multimedia Applications" C. Alvarez, J. Corbal, E. Salami and M. Valero

"Evaluation of Processor Code Efficiency for Embedded Systems" M. H. Miki, M. Sakamoto, Y. Takeuchi, T. Yoshida, I. Shirakawa

"Improving 3D Geometry Transformations on a Simultaneous Multithreaded SIMD Processor" C. Limousin, J. Sebot, A. Vartanian, N. Drach-Temam (20')
9:30 Session 1: Memory Models

"Analytical Cache Models with Applications to Cache Partitioning" G.E. Suh, S. Devadas and L. Rudolph

"A Synthesis of Memory Mechanisms for Distributed Architectures" J. Zhu, J. Hoeflinger and D. Padua

"The Trade-Off between Implicit and Explicit Data Distribution in Shared-Memory Programming Paradigms" D. S. Nikolopoulos, E. Ayguade, J. Labarta, T.S. Papatheodorou and C.D. Polychronopoulos
Coffee Break

Coffee Break

11:30 Session 2: Compilation I

"Fractal Symbolic Analysis" N. Mateev, V. Menon and K. Pingali

"Data Locality Enhancement by Memory Reduction" Y. Song, R. Xu, C. Wang and Z. Li

"Eliminating Redundancies in Sum-of-Product Array Computations" S. J. Deitz, B.L. Chamberlain and L. Snyder
Panel 1: "Systems Software for Complex Computing Environments"

Overview of the NSF Next Generation Software Program
F. Darema , CISE Directorate, NSF

An Integrated Framework for Performance Engineering and Resource-Aware Compiling System
Constantine D. Polychronopoulos, William H. Sanders, Thomas Huang, Univ. of Illinois

Compiling for Speculative Distributed Microarchitectures
Rudolf Eigenmann - Purdue University; Babak Falsafi, Vijav Kumar

Grid Application Development Software (GrADS)
Ken Kennedy, Lennard Johnson, Andrew Chien, Keith Cooper, Francine Berman, Jack Dongarra, Dennis Gannon, Ian Foster, Carl Kesselman, Daniel A. Reed, Richard Wolski

Supporting Complex Application Requirements in Metasystems
Andrew Grimshaw, Marty Humphery, UVA

Logistical QoS Through Application-driven Scheduling of Remote Storage
James S. Plank, Jack Dongarra, Micah D. Beck, Richard Wolski - Univ. Of Tennessee; Francine D. Berman -UCSD

Coordimnated Allocation of Processor and I/O Resources in Parallel Systems
Evgenia Smirni, College of William and Mary

TMO Based Modeling & Design of Reliable Next-Generation Complex Software
Kane Kim, Phillip Chen Y Sheu; Michael Franz - Univ. of California, Irvine

A Collaborative Problem Solving Environment for Modeling of Broadband Wireless Communication Systems
Theodore S. Rapport, Clifford A. Shaffer, Layne T. Watson, Naren Ramakrishnan - VA Polytechnic Inst. & University

Lunch Break

Conference Lunch

& Pompeii Excursion
Invited: Burton Smith (Cray): "What Happened to Supercomputers?"

Coffee Break

16:00 Session 3.1: Compilation II

"Monotonic Evolution: an Alternative to Induction Variable Substitution for Dependence Testing" P. Wu, A. Cohen, D. Padua and J. Hoeflinger

"Optimizing Strategies for Telescoping Languages: Procedure Strength Reduction and Procedure Vectorization" A. Chauhan and K. Kennedy

"Loop Optimization for a Class of Memory-Constrained Computations" D. Cociorva J.W. Wilkins, C.C. Lam, G. Baumgartner, P. Sadayappan, J. Ramanujam

Session 3.2: Algorithms & Sparse Computation

"Fast Parallel In-memory 64-bit Sorting" D. Jimenez-Gonzalez, J.J. Navarro and J.J. Larriba-Pey

"Optimizing Locality for ODE Solvers" T. Rauber and G. Ruenger (20')

"Array Language Support for Parallel Sparse Computation" B. L. Chamberlain and L. Snyder

"A Parallel Algorithm for Sparse Symbolic LU Factorization without Pivoting on Out of Core Matrices" M. Cosnard and L. Grigori (20')
End of Day's Technical Sessions
Welcoming Reception

Wednesday, June 20 Thursday, June 21

Session 5.1: Application Tools

"Bringing Together Automatic Differentiation and OpenMP" H.M. Buecker, B.L. Dieter, and M. H. Bischof

"Automatic Code Generation for a Turbulence Scheme" P. v.d. Mark, G. Cats and L. Wolters (20')

"Towards Parallel Computation of Matrix Pseudospectra" C. Bekas, E. Kokiopoulou and I. Koutis

"A graphical tool for driving the parallel computation of the Pseudo-Spectra" D. Mezher (20')
Session 5.2: Compilation & Hw-Sw Interface

"Register-Sensitive Selection, Duplication, and Sequencing of Instructions" V. Sarkar, M. Serrano and B. Simons

"Load and Store Reuse using Register File Contents" S, Onder and R. Gupta

"Improving Gang Scheduling through Job Performance Analysis and Malleability" J. Corbalan, X. Martorell and J. Labarta

9:30 Session 8: High Performance Java

"Improving Java Performance Using Hardware Translation" R. Radhakrishnan, R. Bhargava and L. John

"A Framework for Efficient Reuse of Binary Code in Java" P. G. Joisha, S. P. Midkoff, M. J. Serrano and M. Gupta

Coffee Break

10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 Session 9.1: Load Balancing

"Algorithmic modifications to the Jacobi-Davidson parallel eigensolver to dynamically balance external CPU and memory load" R.T. Mills, A. Stathopoulos and E. Smirni

"Workload Decomposition for Particle Simulation Applications on Hierarchical Distributed-Shared Memory Parallel Systems with integration of HPF and OpenMP" S. Briguglio, B. Di Martino and G. Vlad
Session 9.2: Prefetching

"ARIMA Time Series Modeling and Forecasting for Adaptive I/O Prefetching" N. Tran and D.A. Reed

"Evaluating the Impact of Memory System Performance on Software Prefetching and Locality Optimizations" A.-H. A. Badawy, A. Aggarwal, D. Yeung, C.-W. Tseng

"A novel renaming mechanism that boosts software prefetching" D. Ortega, M. Valero and E. Ayguadé
11:10 Panel 2: "Dynamic Data Driven Applications"

Model-Based Data Assimilation
Greg McRae, MIT

DDDAS Challenges in Managing Large-Scale Transportation and Supply Networks
Abhi Deshmukh, Univ. of Massachussetts, Amherst

Interactive Control of Large-Scale Simulations
Robert Sharpley, University of South Carolina

PDE-Constrained Optimization as an Enabling Technology for DDDAS
Omar Ghattas, Carnegie-Mellon University

Systems Software for Supporting DDDAS Environments
Frederica Darema, NSF
Conference Closing
Lunch Break
14:10 Session 6: Computer Architecture

"Reducing the complexity of the issue logic" R. Canal and A. Gonzalez

"Slice-Processors: An Implementation of Operation-based Prediction" A. Moshovos, D. Pnevmatikatos and A. Baniasadi

"Building a High Performance Communication Layer over Virtual Interface Architecture on Linux Clusters" J.-S. Kim, K. Kim, and S.-I. Jung

"Integrating Superscalar Processor Components to Implement Register Caching" M. Postiff, D. Greene, S. Raasch, and T. Mudge (20')
Invited: Gregory McRae (MIT): "New Directions for Data Assimilation"

Coffee Break

17:30 Parallel Session 7.1: High Performance Architecture & Multithreading

"a-Coral: A Multigrain, Multithreading Processor Architecture"
M. Yankelevsky and C. D. Polychronopoulos (20')

"Multiplex: Unifying Conventional and Speculative Thread-Level Parallelism on a Chip Multiprocessor"
C.-L. Ooi, S. Wook, K.I. Park, R. Eigenmann, B. Falsafi and T. N. Vijaykumar

"Optimizing Threaded MPI Execution on SMP Clusters"
H. Tang and T. Yang
Parallel Session 7.2: Computational Challenges

"Demonstration of the Scalability of a Molecular Dynamics Application on a Petaflop Computer"
G. Almasi, C. Cascaval, J.G. Castanos, M. Denneau, W. Donath, M. Eleftheriou, M. Giampapa, H. Ho, D. Lieber, J.E. Moreira, D. Newns, M. Snir and H.S. Warren Jr.

"Computational Challenges in Large-scale Air Pollution Modelling"
T. Ostromsky, W. Owczarz and Z. Zlatev

"A network of cellular automata for landslide simulation,"
C. R. Calidonna, C. Di Napoli, M. Giordano, M. Mango Furnari, S. Di Gregorio (20')

End of Day's Technical Sessions


Conference Dinner

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