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Monash University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering (ECSE)

Solar Photovoltaic Energy Applications Research Group (SEARG) - No longer active, with the last update of this page being in 2005.

Member of the World Renewable Energy Network (WREN)

Member of the Australian & New Zealand Solar Energy Society (ANZSES)

  • Solar Photovoltaic Energy Applications Research Group (SEARG) was a nationally and internationally recognized research group, based at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Since its establishment, SEARG has been able to provide links with State Government, Victorian City Councils, and Victorian Industry including energy providers and Business groups.
  • SEARG has been working very closely with Victorian Sustainable Energy Authorities as well as Mornington Peninsula City Council in the “Solar Photovoltaic Street Lighting project”.
  • SEARG has been successful in obtaining research funds (cash & in-kind) from Energy Industry ie. ORIGIN Energy for investigating the quality of grid-connected solar photovoltaic energy systems.
  • SEARG members have been able to complete several solar photovoltaic energy related projects.
  • SEARG has been consultant partner for many solar photovoltaic energy projects led by the Australian telecommunication companies as well as Victoria's Road authorities.
  • SEARG has recently developed a computer program for the purpose of size optimization, performance prediction and cost calculation (capital cost and electricity cost A$/kWh) of all different solar photovoltaic applications (stand-alone, grid-connected, off-grid industrial, off-grid domestic as well aolar PV hybrid systems).
  • SEARG is no longer offering an OnLine course on Engineering and Economics of Solar Photovoltaic Energy Systems.
  • With extensive experience obtained in the past ten years it is anticipated that SEARG be able to play a key role as a partner for Victorian Sustainable Energy Authorities, Renewable Energy Industry, R&D and Business Organizations
  • SEARG is active in conducting renewable energy related conferences, seminars, and workshops at national and international levels.

Events organized by SEARG

Following event organized by IEEE Victoria in collaboration with the SEARG

Following event organized by Sharif University of Technologu in Teheran, Iran in collaboration with the SEARG

Following event organized by Sustainable Energy Authority of Victoria (SEAV) in collaboration with the SEARG

Past Conferences, Short Courses, Seminars and Workshops organized by SEARG:

  • Workshop on Solar Photovoltaic Street Lighting Systems, 1st April 2005 at Monash University, by SEARG in collaboration with SEAV, Mornington Penninsula Shire, Genesis Automation and Lateral Technology, Invitation
  • The Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference (AUPEC2002)
  • Short courses and seminars on Grid-Connected and Stand - Alone Photovoltaic Systems as well as Photovoltaic Hybrid Power Systems in 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002
  • Renewable Energy Workshops in: 1997, 1998 and 1999
  • Sustainable Energy Day 2002
  • Sustainable Energy Day 2001
  • Sustainable Energy Day 2000

For further information  - The following contact details are no longer valid.

Dr. A. Zahedi, (Member of the World Renewable Energy Council)

Monash University, Department of Electrical and CSE, Clayton Campus, Wellington Road, Clayton, Victoria, 3800, Australia, Email: