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Bioengineering - Biomedical Engineering

Activities are centred in the Monash University Centre for Biomedical Engineering (incorporating the Monash Rehabilitation Technology Research Unit (REHAB Tech)).

Staff Research Interests

Associate Professor Ian Brown

Neuromuscular systems control and rehabilitation technology development.

Monash University Centre for Biomedical Engineering

Professor David Morgan

Muscle mechanics, mechanisms of contraction, ecentric contraction, muscle injury, ideopathic toe walking, whole body vibration, proprioception, instrumentation.

Mr Brian Lithgow

Cochlear implant signal processing, neurophysiology of the auditory midbrain, neural modelling and acoustic noise cancellation.

Le Binh Medical lasers.
Mr. Bill Contoyannis Prosthetics and Orthotics development
Professor Ray Jarvis Medical Robotics.

Dr Malin Premaratne

Theory and numerical simulation work in light propagation in biological tissue. Some of the applications of this work include, non-invasive sensing of glucose or haemoglobin type substance in blood and imaging of biological tissue (tomography).
Specific areas of interests:
1) photon diffusion in tissue
2) optical beam based cytometry
3) nonivasive sensing
4) stress and strain induced optical anisotropy in tissue

Associate Professor Andrew Russell

Artificial tactile sensors and pressure sensors in relation to prosthetics and orthotics.

Dr Jingxin Zhang

Medical imaging with an emphasis on  high performance MR imaging
Control systems and signal processing approaches to biomedical problems such as system biology