Research facility


Dr. Karmakar has the research interests in the following areas:


1. RFID Tag and Reader Development

2. Phased Array and Smart Antennas for Mobile and Satellite Communications

3. Microwave Photonics: EBG, DGS, NRI

4. Direct Conversion Receiver and Transmitter Development

5. Broadband Antennas for UWB Applications

6. Internal Electrically Small Antennas for Portable Devices

7. Satellite Tracking Electronics for Phased Array Antennas

8. Smart Antenna Signal Processing

9. Microwave Medical Imaging Devices

10.  Smart Antennas for Remote Sensing


To support above research activities currently the research group has the following facilities and resources:


1. Agilent Performance Vector Network Analyzer PNA E8361A

This instrument can measure microwave and millimeter wave signal from 10 MHz up to 67 GHz


2. Agilent Performance Spectrum Analyzer E4408A

This instrument can measure microwave and millimeter wave signal from 10 MHz up to 26 GHz


3. Anechoic Chamber

This chamber measures radiators up to 50 GHz


4. Agilent Advanced Design System (ADS)

Monash received 29 licenses from the generous support for Agilent


5. CST Microwave Studio

50 Full CST Microwave Studio Licenses and 50 Class Licenses, 4 Accelerator Tokens


6. Cadence and PDK

For CMOS, GaAs and GaN design and fabrication we have a number of licenses


7. High Speed Personal Computers

To support the above software and a large number of research students 5 high speed computers are dedicated to ADS and CST.


8. Agilent 55 GHz Signal Generator

This instrument can generate microwave and millimeter wave signals up to 55 GHz


9. LPKF Milling Machine

This instrument can make microwave PCB design with very high precision


10. Screen Printing and Sato Thermal Printing Facilities

This instrument can print microwave PCB design with very high precision


Besides these above facilities the Department has many other RF and Microwave Equipment and software tools to support both postgraduate and undergraduate research projects.

Last Updated

February 2017