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February 2017

Rounded Rectangle: Monash Microwave, Antennas, RFID and Sensors

MMARS Mission Statement

A world class and state-of-the-art research facility in Radio Frequency Communications and Devices that will bring advancement of Australian Economy. The laboratory shall produce a highly knowledgeable and skilled work force, high quality and high impact research publications, effective industry engagements and high value added services and commercial products in the field. The trained and skilled staff will bring further economic growth in the field with knowledge and dedication.

Profile of MMARS


MMARS has proven track record of industry driven high and medium risk R&D projects in microwave communications, antennas, RFIDs, Sensors, relevant software and firmware developments and their integrations. MMARS is currently executing projects of various natures in the fields. MMARS team members have experience and expertise to deliver high end products and services to various sectors: Telecommunications, Logistics, Mining, Gaming and Entertainment, Power Transmission and Distribution, Biomedical, Transportations, Retails, Railway and Library. We are capable of delivering R&D services to the following specific areas with our expertise and resources in Microwave, Antennas, RFID, RF Sensors and Software Technologies:



–Tracking, monitoring and just-in-time inventory


–Asset tracking and monitoring health of modular construction


–Tracking and monitoring of assets and mine communications


–Smart shelves , smart trolleys, Tracking and monitoring of goods and services

•Telecom: RF related

· Propagation

·  Pharmaceutical

· Food and packaging

· Disaster management

· Regional development

· Livestock and agro


News & Events

New Research Agreement: MMARS has signed a research agreement with next generation LiFi Technology with nextLiFi, a Melbourne based company in January 2017. For Monash-nextLiFi Media Release please click here (coming soon)

New book by MMARS in 2016:

1. N.C. Karmakar, Y. Yang and A. Rahim, Microwave sleep apnoea monitoring (in preparation), Springer, 2017

2. N.C. Karmakar, M. Zomorrodi and C. Divarathne, Advanced Techniques in Chipless RFID Systems, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2016

3. Nemai Chandra Karmakar, Prasanna Kalansuriya, Rubayet E. Azim, Randka Koswatta, Chipless Radio Frequency Identification Reader Signal Processing, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2016                  

4.  N. C. Karmakar, E. Amin, J. K. Saha, Chipless RFID Sensors, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2016.

MMARS has launched 2015 and 2016 Research Reports. 

New YouTube videos on chipless RFID and sensors has been launched.

Our Alumni Network: The following Alumni assumed jobs in the following university/industries recently:

Dr. Yang Yang has assumed Scholarly Teaching Fellow, School of Computing and Communications, University of Technology, Sydney in January 2017

Dr. Emran Amin, RF Design Engineer at Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), Melbourne, Australia, 2016

Ms Rubayet-E- Azim, PhD thesis submitted in Dec. 2016, Intern in Lockheed Martin, Melbourne, Australia, January 2017

Dr. Uditha Bandara, Electronics Design Engineer, NetComm Wireless, Sydney, Australia

Dr. Aminul Islam Mithu, Major/ Assistant Professor, Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Military Institute of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

Dr. Sushim Roy, Transformation | Strategy | Cost | Lean | Operations | Analysis | Improvement | Planning | Project | Change Management, Commonwealth Bank, Sydney, Australia, Sector: Banking

Dr. Chamath Divarathne, Associate Design Engineer, Unico Computer Systems Pty Ltd., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Dr. Mohammad Zomorrodi, RF Design Engineer at Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Shakil Bhuiyan, Radio Frequency Engineer at CommScope, Sydney, Australia sector: Telecommunications



Text Box: Value Proposition of MMARS 
SMEs, why do you worry about your high-end R&D work? MMARS is your R&D solution partner. 

We can act as your R&D arms when you are SMEs and are not capable to set up an expensive, long-term R&D laboratory
 We can fulfil your goal of developing new products and services where the risk of return on investment is too high and time consuming.
 We can do research contracts and prototype development for small to large scale projects of both medium and high risk R&D works.
 We can help you to secure government grants to execute R&D works with matching fund (1:1 with 25% cash and 75% in-kind contribution). Your cash contribution can be highly tax rebated with about 175% (Please consult your accountant).
We can train your staff in specific technologies in microwave, antennas, RFID, RF Sensors, firmware and software.


Text Box: Our Expertise at MMARS 
What we can deliver to you? 

 Microwave and antenna related R&D work for telecommunications, power industries, gaming and entertainment, biomedical, pharmaceutical, aged care etc.
Development of conventional and chipless RFID systems for identification, tracing and tracking
RF sensor technology development for condition monitoring of goods, services and human beings
Software and Firmware development for high end products
 Customise your proof-of-concept projects

· Packaging

· Printing

· Smart payment via Mobile phones

· Defence and boarder security

A multi-mode resonator designed by Dr. Shakil Bhuyian

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