Education Research and Teaching

Dr. Karmakar has a track record of education research and teaching experiences in both postgraduate and undergraduate levels experiences in Queensland University of Technology, The University of Queensland, Nanyang Technological University and Monash University.


Education Research:


[1]   N. C. Karmakar and M. Forouzandehi, (Invited Speech IEEE MTT Education Forum talk), “Graduate Skills Development of Undergraduate Students in Wireless and Guided Electromagnetism,” 2016 Asia pacific Microwave Conference, New Delhi, 5-9 Dec. 2016 (Presentation)

[2]   N.C. Karmakar, “University-Industry Research Collaboration8th IEEE Int’l Conf. Electrical and Computer Engineering (ICECE) 2014 (Highlighted Education Focused Talk), Dhaka, Bangladesh, 20-22 December 2014. (Presentation in IEAust in May 2014)

[3] N.C. Karmakar, (invited speech), Vedanta Teaching in Microwave Engineering Education, IIT Kanpur, India, December 2016. The talk was scheduled on-line.


Textbook: N.C. Karmakar, Wireless and Guided EM: Technology Approach, Wiley (proposal accepted October 2016)


In the last four semesters, Dr. Karmakar has been teaching and supervising laboratories in the following courses at Monash University:


ECE4122: Advanced Electromagnetics (Coordinator)

ECE4081 - Medical instrumentation (Coordinator)

ECE3022: Wireless and Guided Electromagnetics (Coordinator)

ECE2021: Electromagnetism (Coordinator 08-09)

ECE4023: RF Techniques (Co-Lecturer)

ECE2061: Linear Electronics (Coordinator)

ECE3603: Electronics 3 (Co-ordinator)

ECE3602: Electronics 2 (Co-ordinator)

ECE2061: Electronics and Control (Labs and Tutorials)

ECE4509: Reliability Engineering (Labs)

ECE2201: Electromagnetics (Labs)

ECE3202: Electromagnetic Propagation (Labs)


At Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Dr. Karmakar taught the following subjects from 1999 to 2004:


E470: Radar Engineering (Co-ordinator)

E205: Electromagnetics (Tutorials)

E224L: Propagations Lab

E327: Project III Lecture (Lecturer)

E321L: Microwave Circuits Lab           

E6106: MIC Design and Implementation (Co-ordinator)

E6109: MIC and Printed Antenna Design (Co-ordinator)

E451: RF & Microwave Engineering (Co-ordinator)

E370: Engineering Design (Lecturer)


At The Queensland University of Technology, Dr. Karmakar taught the following subject from 1995 to 1996:


EBB662: Microwave Engineering and Antenna Technology


Additionally to the above teaching experience, Dr. Karmakar also served as Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant in The University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Brisbane, Australia (1992-1998), The University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada (1990-1992) and Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka (1987-1989).

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February 2017

G171: Fist year Lab1

E328: Projects III Lab (Lecturer)

G161: Electronics (Tutorials)

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Text Box: A textbook manuscript titled: Wireless and Guided Electromagnetism is under preparation 
Text Box: Design Project: Wireless energy harvester for ECE3022 in S1, 2016


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