A/Prof. R. Andrew Russell - PhD, BEng (Hons), MIEEE

Room G05 in Building 36
Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering MONASH UNIVERSITY, AUSTRALIA

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Originally from Leeds, U.K., Andy Russell received his BEng (Hons) and Ph.D degrees from the University of Liverpool. Prior to immigrating to Australia in 1982, Andy worked as a design engineer in private industry and at the Department of Artificial Intelligence, Edinburgh University. He is currently Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering at Monash University, where his primary areas of research are mechatronics and intelligent robotics. Particular interests include humanoid robotics, robot tactile sensing, olfactory sensing for robots, the design of robotic mechanisms and robot learning.

Andy has written books on tactile sensing and odour sensing and has authored over 140 peer - reviewed publications. Aside from his academic duties Andy has consulted for a wide range private sector entities and the Victorian State Government.

Andy currently sits on the editorial boards of both the International Journal of Humanoid Robotics and the Journal of Bionic Engineering, he is also a member of the Intelligent Robotics Research Centre. In 2004, he received the Faculty of Engineering Dean's Award for Distinguished Teaching.



1976 PhD "Data processing with multi-dimensional networks" - University of Liverpool, UK

1972 BEng (Hons) - University of Liverpool, UK



1994 - ____ Associate Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering, Monash University, Australia.

1987 - 1994 Senior Lecturer, Department of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering, Monash University, Australia.

1982 - 1987 Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Wollongong, Australia.

1976 - 1982 Design Engineer, Department of Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

1975 - 1976 Design Engineer, International Computers Ltd., Kidsgrove, England.



2010 - 2013 ARC Linkage Project (With Prof. Zukerman, Dr Rees, A/Prof Lamoureux & Dr Alexandersson) "A progressive study of user and sensor models for monitoring and assisting elderly people, focusing on the visually impaired": $280,000

2008 - 2010 ARC Discovery Project " Manoeuvrable burrowing robots for underground search" : $195,000

2003 - 2007 ARC Centre for Perceptive & Intelligent Machines In Complex Environments (one of 12 participants): $7,100,000

2003 - 2006 ARC Linkage Project (with Dr. A. Bab-Hadiashar of Swinburne University) "Development of an Intelligent Perception System for Electronic Breaks": $69,100

1999 ______Monash Special Research Fund (with Jarvis, Kleeman & Suter) "Humanoid Robotics": $210,000

1996 - 1998 Large ARC Grant (with DV Thiel) "Coding Information into Odour Trails": $172,888

1993 ______Small ARC Grant "Robot Guidance Using Olfactory Sensors to Follow Trails Marked with Volatile Chemicals": $14,318

1992 - 1994 Large ARC Grant "Adroit Robot Manipulation Through Tactile Sensing": $101,300

1989 - 1992 GIRD Industrial Research & Development Grant (Associate Investigator) "Real-Time 3D Vision for Robotics and Inspection Systems": $1,048,000

1989 - 1991 Large ARC Grant "Dexterous Robot Manipulation Through Tactile Sensing": $34,400


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