Research Team


I am looking for self-motivated Postdocs and PhDs to participate in my projects.

Relevant background includes advanced communications technologies, channel coding,

and information theory with applications to wireless communications, networking, security,

and SSD storage.


Current Members

o   Dr K. P. Tran (Postdoc)

o   Dr S. Liu (Postdoc)

o   Dr A. Gupta (Postdoc)

o   Dr H. Vangala (was PhD candidate, now Postdoc)

o   Q. Jin (PhD Candidate)

o   V. Kammadanam (PhD Candidate, IITB-Monash)

o   L. Huang (PhD Candidate, Award: 2014 Australian IT school Best Poster Award)

o   X. Xiao (PhD Candidate, joint supervision)

o   R. Patchava (PhD Candidate, joint supervision)

o   F. Abasi (PhD Candidate, joint supervision)

o   V. Wijekoon (PhD Candidate, joint supervision)

o   M. Rowshan (PhD Candidate, joint supervision)


Past Members

o   Dr L. Natarajan (Assistant Professor, IIT Hyderabad, India)

o   Dr A. Sakzad (Lecturer, FIT Monash, Australia)

o   Dr N. Fernando (Project Technical Leader at Air-services Australia)

o   D. Kramarev (Completed PhD thesis)

o   Y. Hu (now at Samsung Texas)