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Programming the Antarctic Meteorite Hunter: Arduino Robotics

Getting Started with Arduino

Before beginning to program your Arduino ("the brain" of the Antarctic Meteorite Hunter), you should read the official Arduino getting started guide. You may find these Tutorials as a useful starting point to become familiarised with the Arduino. In particular, the Blink, AnalogReadSerial, DigitalReadSerial and Servo Library examples should "work out of the box" (you can find them under fileexamples dropdown menu of graphical Arduino software development environment) . A community wiki of tutorials, examples and how to go about interfacing with hardware are available here. Also, you may like to look into this extensive list of hardware interfaces (from Freeduino).

Given the vast quantity of reading materials, it is recommended that each person in the group focus on slightly different aspects of the documentation and share their findings with each other.

References and Tutorials

Example Arduino robots

These are intended as examples only. Do not copy the design directly!
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