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Final Report

Your final report should document your team's robot, with an emphasis on design decisions made during its development. The report should adequately document the robot so that it can be reproduced by a skilled engineering student.

The report should include the following sections and must have a table of contents. We will assess the report by using this assessment sheet.

Executive Summary

A single page summary of the report. The summary should include the purpose of the project (as you understand it), what was achieved, what resources was required (part costs etc), what techniques were used and the major design choices. This should be written after the body of the report.


  • Aims of project as your understand them
  • Background information if required
  • System overview of your robot, which should correlate with the body of your report. Should include images and/or figures to illustrate the different parts of the robot.


You should use your own section titles for this as best fits your robot system as detailed in system overview portion of the introduction. This should cover the following. Note that you may want to use more than one section (or have sections that bridge multiple topics).

  • Hardware (Electronics and mechanical design)
  • Software (Algorithm and iterations)
  • System integration and testing
  • Project management as detailed in lectures, including a summary of team member contributions and a list of parts with overall budget
Note: The body should refer to the plan proposed in the Design Specifications report and how the final system have met requirements or deviated from them.

Conclusions and Recommendations

What are the strengths and weakness of your system? How could they be improved upon?


Technical Content

Technical content, such as electrical circuit diagrams, mechanical CAD drawings, code and the like. Also technical details not directly relevant to the report can and should be included as Appendices.

Confidential Appendix "Mutual Assessment"

The Confidential Mutual Assessment will be submitted separately by each team member through its own Moodle Submission Box called "Mutual Assessment". You should use this form. The form is in Word format, but you need to convert to PDF after filling in the table and submit the PDF version.

The above is not an exhaustive list. Depending on how you went about the project, you may find that another report structure better suits your project.

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