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Item Quantity Notes
Per Group
Arduino Uno Processor board and USB cable 1 Note that we will collect the Arduino boards and USB cables after the competitions
Hextronik Servo 2 HobbyKing Cat# HXT900
Micro Switch 4 Electus Cat# SM1036
L293D Motor Driver 1  
74HC14 1 Altronics Cat# Z8514
Tamiya Twin Gearbox 1 Electus Cat# YG2741
Tamiya Sports Tire Set 1 Electus Cat# YG2862
Motor 2 Pololu Cat# 604
Bread Board, small 1  
Infrared LED, small 2 RS Comp Cat# 577538
Infrared Detector 2 RS Comp Cat# 6675215
Phototransistor, 5 mm 6 Electus Cat# ZD1950
Infrared LED, 5 mm 4 Electus Cat# ZD1945
Red LED, 5 mm 6 Altronics Cat# Z0862C
Green LED, 5 mm 6 Altronics Cat# Z0865B
Blue Polystyrene Ball, 25 mm diameter 1 Camartech
Red Polystyrene Ball, 25 mm diameter 1 Camartech
Battery Holder, 4 X AA, flat 1 Altronics Cat# S5030
Base material samples (green and black) 1 pair Canson polypropylene A3 sheet (Eckersleys)


There is a real risk of destroying your components if you are not careful, especially when dealing with power sources and actuators. It is up to the group members to replace damaged components, not Monash University.

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