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ECE3091-2014 Engineering Design: Othello Project


A Design Project to Create an Autonomous, Competitive Robot System

This project involves teams of four students in the planning, design, construction, programming, testing and debugging of an autonomous mobile robot. The robot will play the "Othello" game, which can be summarized as follows:

Two robots will compete in in an Othello Game Arena containing 50 pucks painted red on one side and blue on the other. Initially, half the pucks will be turned red side up (the other half blue side up). Each robot will be assigned a random colour. The aim of the "red" robot is to turn all the pucks so that they are red-side-up and blue-side-down. Vice versa for the "blue" robot. After 6 minutes, the red robot receives a score of +1 points for every puck that is red side up and similarly for the blue robot and blue pucks. The winning team is the one whose robot scores the most points. Infringement of the competition rules will incur negative demerit points or disqualification.

Each team will be supplied with a "Monash Glomerida Board" which can interface to a range of sensors and motors. Also, a number of different sensors and actuators are included in the kit of parts provided to each team.


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