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Marking Criteria

Specific results expected for each assignment are given in the assignment handouts (such as error-free transfer of a file within a reasonable time limit). If the expected results are obtained full marks are given. Here are the standards for partial credit:

  • No code submitted other than the skeleton code already provided: 0%
  • Program does not compile on the laboratory computers and testing can not proceed (you need to make sure that your programs compile without errors in the laboratory computers): 0%
  • Program at least compiles and has adequate comments: 25%
  • Program runs but output does not show expected results: 50%
  • Program runs and output is partially correct, or is but code has a clear deficiency that was not tested: 75%
The marker may comment on particular errors, but that is not required. The mark is based on the code and other files submitted as required, so the marker is required only to describe how the program falls in one of the above categories. Unusual cases that do not fit the marking standard are to be forwarded to me for evaluation.
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