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Secure Shell Protocol (SSH)

Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) is used to communicate with the Raspberry Pi's and Switches on the Testbed. ClusterSSH is a program that can open and communicate over multiple shells at once and is mainly used to communicate with multiple Raspberry Pi's at once. Authentication for SSH is certificate based.

Using SSH

All devices on the Testbed have been added to the hosts files on all devices. Therefore to connect to any Raspberry Pi you can use a hostname or IP Address.

To a Raspberry Pi

ssh pi@rack[x.y]

Where x is the rack (1-4) and y the Raspberry Pi on that rack (1-8)

To a Switch

ssh switch1 or ssh switch2

Where switch1 is the top switch or switch2 which is the bottom switch.

Using Cluster SSH

Cluster SSH works similary to ssh except that it can communicate with multiple Raspberry Pi's at the same time.

cssh rack1 rack2

Will connect to all Raspberry Pi's on rack1 and rack2.

cssh all.pi

Will connect to all Raspberry Pi's

cssh all.switch

Will connect to all network switches


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