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Shared Folder

On each computer exist the folder /sdtlab. This folder is physically located on a network sever and as such, it is the same folder as seen by all computers. This offers a common space for code and other resources and a user can move between computers and still work with the same files. Since this is a network resource, regular backups will be taken by the IT team.
Note that this common space does not have any permissions or restrictions based on users. All users (that is, all computers) can see, modify and delete the contents on this shared folder. Care has to be taken when working with the shared folder so that a user does not delete or ruing someone elses work or common files by mistake.

Folder layout

The shared folder had the following sub folders.


This is where files related to GNU Radio is stored. Each file added to this folder must have an entry in the file files.txt with a brief description of the file.


Here, scripts or other utilities are stored.


In here, users can create their own folder to store their work. Each user is permitted to one folder, and it has to be named as the users authcate username.

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