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Compiling and running the RSSI localisation software

Compiling and running the tag software

  1. cd (change directory) to contiki-2.6/wmeshboard/rssi_localisation
  2. Compile the software:
    make TARGET=sky rdm-sender nodeid=X
    (Where X is any integer, except 0 or 1. Every node id must be different on each board)
  3. Program it to the board:
    • Connect the programmer to the JTAG port on the board. The shortest pin on the programmer should go in the hole closest the antenna side on the board
    • Use mspdebug to program the tag software onto the board:
      sudo mspdebug -d /dev/ttyUSB0 -j uif "prog ./rdm-sender.sky"
      (This probably won’t work the first time it’s tried, so run it a few times, and eventually it’ll decide to program the board without any errors)
  4. Test the serial connection:
    • Connect the board to the computer via the USB port
    • Open a new terminal window
    • To view the output from the board, run:
      sudo cat /dev/ttyUSB1
    • If the output looks like some strange alien language, try restarting the program on the board (in another terminal window, while leaving this one to display the output). This can be done by reprogramming it with mspdebug.

Compiling and running the reader software

  1. Repeat everything for the tag software, except replace rdm-sender with rrm-sender

Compiling and running the border-router software

  1. cd to contiki-2.6/examples/ipv6/rpl-border-router
  2. Compile it:
    make TARGET=sky border-router nodeid=1
  3. Program it onto the board:
    sudo mspdebug -d /dev/ttyUSB0 -j uif "prog ./border-router.sky"
  4. cd to contiki-2.6/tools
  5. Change permissions of tunslip6:
    chmod 777 tunslip6
  6. Run ts.sh to start tunslip:
    sudo bash ts.sh
    (If this doesn't work, you may have to change the number in second line of ts.sh (where it has /dev/ttyUSB0))
  7. If it doesn’t give an IPV6 address, restart the program on the board
  8. To test the HTTP server, open up a browser, and go to http://[IPV6AddressGiven]
    eg/ http://[aaaa::212:74ff:fe03:1]
    It should display the routes and IP address of each reader and the tag
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