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eBug Rev. A Prototype Assembly Notes

Required Tools

  • 15V DC power pack (CENTRE-PIN positive): http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=MP3492 [MP3492] (2A)
  • Texas Instruments EV2300 (install the drivers: http://www.ti.com/tool/ev2300)
  • Texas Instruments bq evaluation software (http://www.ti.com/tool/bq20z65-r1_bqevsw-sw)
  • AVR Studio 4 and AVRISP mkII
  • XBee Explorer (to program the XBees into API mode)
  • Screwdrivers etc.

Power PCB

  • After assembly, install jumper shunts as follows:
    • Install on P9
    • Install on P10
    • Install on P7 (System Present) IMPORTANT: Ensure that the DC power pack is NEVER CONNECTED when there is NO battery pack connected and NO jumper shunt on P7 (else, a permanent Gas Gauge failure will be triggered as “0 volt” cell voltages will be sensed).
  • The next step is to flash the gas-gauge (this procedure needs to be performed when the Logic PCB is NOT connected to the Power PCB -> else, the SMBus lines are pulled low by Logic PCB when it is not powered and then we can't communicate with the gas gauge)
    • Check that the power switch (S1) is set to OFF (up=OFF, down=ON).
    • Connect a fresh/new battery pack.
    • Connect the DC power pack briefly and then disconnect (Green ACOK LED should light up, it will light when a correct DC power pack is connected properly).
    • Press the DISP push-button: All 5 LEDs should light up -> Gas gauge is ready to be programmed.
    • Get the gas gauge data flash file from: http://code.google.com/p/monash-wsrnlab/downloads/list
    • Connect the Texas Instruments EV2300 to the SMBus header (P8) and run the bq Evaluation Software.
    • Before proceeding, ensure Scanning is turned OFF: [In the SBS tab] Options -> Scan -> OFF
    • Go to the bqEASY tab (bottom-left) and go to 1. Setup->1B. Load/Read .DFI or .ROM file. See the screenshot below:
      caption text
    • Check “Select DFI manually” -> Browse to downloaded flash file -> Press “Program Dataflash Image” button.
    • Go back to the SBS tab and write 0021 to Manufacturer Access (this enables the Impedance Track algorithm). This is done by typing 0021 into the Manufacturer Access field and pressing ENTER. Now write 0041 to Manufacturer Access (this resets the gas gauge). See the screenshot below:
      caption text
    • You can disconnect the EV2300 now, and the eBug should now be able to be powered from the LiPo.

Logic PCB

  • See Bill of Materials for non-populated (NP) parts.
  • May be a good idea to mount the temperature sensor slightly raised from the board (i.e. not flush) so that minimal board heat is transferred to the sensor.
  • For firmware compatibility, install jumper shunts as follows:
    • P6 (XBee Control): MCU
    • P5 (Amplifier Control): MCU
    • P4 (B+->ADC Control): MCU
    • P7 (Backlight Control): MCU
    • Set rotary switch S5 to position 0.

Firmware installation to the CPU:

  • Power the board with a LiPo battery.
  • Connect AVRISP mkII to the board.
  • Start AVR Studio 4 then Tools --> Program AVR --> Connect (choose AVRISP mkII from the list)
  • Read the signature of MCU (see the screenshot below left) to verify that the MCU is installed/soldered properly (select ATxmega128A1 from the drop-down list).
  • DISABLE JTAG ON PORTB (important!): In the fuses section (see the screenshot below right), un-check the JTAGEN checkbox and then press "Program".
caption text
  • Get the firmware from: http://code.google.com/p/monash-wsrnlab/downloads/list
  • Upload the firmware (see the screenshot below)
caption text
  • Disconnect AVRISP mkII and reset the eBug.


XBees need to be programmed to operate in API mode. Further details coming soon.

Full Mechanical Assembly

  • Motor wiring: Don’t make motor wiring too short. We may use a thicker battery in the future. Use a crimping tool for motor connections
  • LCD contrast trimpot MUST be adjusted for text on the LCD to be visible.
  • Stepper motor trimpots (blue) may need to be adjusted (Nick to clarify) to ensure correct microstepping operation (use the adjacent REF and GND test points to ensure both trimpots are set identically).
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