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Step 10 - Enabling Autologin

This is written for the LXDE GUI installed onto Ubuntu 12.10 on the BB-xM, this is just a step by step guide to remove the login thing. Normally this is a terrible idea as password protection is there to prevent computers from hacked at and destroyed by the internet, but as this is only for our controlled environment, this is acceptable.

As is the case with most/all of these things, this guide is dependent upon the version of software being used and may not work on different versions.

  1. The files we want to edit are in a folder called gdm, so run the following command
    cd /etc/gdm
  2. As these are system files, we need root access to edit them so this can only be done through the command terminal, so run the following command.
    sudo gedit custom.conf
*****************************************************Note from the author***********************************************************************************************************************************************

If you are following my instructions step by step, your current build will not have gedit, which is basically a program in the same vien as notepad in windows.To put this on your BB-xM, run the following command
sudo apt-get install gedit
This will take about an hour to install and is not necessary for this process, but gedit is useful to have anyway so I recommend doing it ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

  1. Change line 3 of the code to
    Where ubuntu is the user-name you wish to log in automatically upon start up. Save your changes.
  2. Restart to confirm
Note *We actually need to change the gdm.conf file aswell, but I found that both the lxdm file and the default file are linked, and any changes made to one appear in the other. If this doesn't happen then you may need to modify both manually.

-- AlYoung - 2013-01-09

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