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Step 7 - Getting Internet on your BB-xM

In order to update our BB-xM with all the software and updates that it requires, we will need to connect our Ubuntu with the Internet. It is worth noting that our final build of the BB-xM's eyeBug configuration will not need an Internet connection, but it is still necessary for the setup at this stage. This particular guide is written for an Ethernet connection between the BB-xM and the Monash Network via port H23 in the WSRN Lab at the Monash Clayton campus, should anyone wish to do this elsewhere, the addresses used in the code must be adjusted accordingly.

  1. First thing that must be done is to establish a connection. The BB-xM does not have internal wireless capabilities, but it does have an Ethernet port, so connect an Ethernet cable between your BB-xM and port H23 of the WSRN Lab.
  2. Everytime BB-xM boots, it generates a (seemingly) random MAC address, which is not good for obtaining an IP address through the Monash DHCP servers. So we need to pin the MAC address to a stable value. Go to this MAC address generator site to generate a MAC address. I got CC-21-6A-37-B5-5D. Let's use this as our MAC address. Remember not to use the same MAC address for multiple BB-xMs.
  3. Get this MAC address registered via ECMS.
  4. Prepare a file containing the line below and save it into the directory /etc/udev/rules.d
SUBSYSTEM=="net",KERNEL=="eth0",RUN+="/sbin/ip link set dev %k address CC-21-6A-37-B5-5D"
Now, reboot the BB-xM and we should have Internet access. Youu can confirm this by pinging a reliable online server, (lets go with our friends at google) ping www.google.com

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