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Table 1 below presents a brief summary of all the files and folders involved in WiSeNeT:
WiSeNet Core Files Description
application_layer.py The Application Layer for the test scenario. Details what actions will be performed.
chat.py Sample Application Layer for an interactive chat program
convergence_sublayer.py The Convergence Sub-layer is part of the Link Layer and handles direct communication with the radios. Implement hardware specific coding here.
create_RT.py Creates a Routing Table (when routing algorithms are enabled in the Network Layer)
file_send.py Sample Application Layer for sending files.
global_variables.py Python document containing the global variables for WiSeNet
link_layer.py The Logical Link Control and MAC (if enabled) Sub-layers.
network_layer.py The Network Layer. Implement routing and congestion control algorithms here.
packet_generator.py Sample Application Layer which generates arbitrary packets.
sink.py Sample Application Layer for a packet sink.
statistics.py Statistics and logging framework.
symbol.py Physical layer symbolisation protocols.
wisenet.py Main WiSeNet file. Execute this to run the WiSeNet
wisenet_SPR.py Library necessary when using the Smart Packet Radio boards.
Directories Description
logs Logs from simulations will be stored here.
templates Contains templates for Application and Network layers.
Miscellaneous Scripts for Testing etc. Description
aloha.sh Tests the baseline ALOHA performance (in conjunction with analyse_aloha_results.py)
analyse_aloha_results.py Analyses baseline ALOHA performance (in conjunction with aloha.sh)
test_packet.py Tests network response by sending user-defined packet by any means to any radio.
test_radios.py Tests the connections of radios to their host computer.
test_transfer.py Test send from designated source(s) to sink

Table 1: List of files and folders in WiSeNeT

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