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Glomerida Microcontroller Board


Important Notes

  • Maximum total current that can be drawn from the 5 V and 3.3 V pins of the Glomerida board is 100 mA (not including the motors, their current does not flow through the voltage regulator supplying the 5 V and 3.3 V pins).
  • There are also current and voltage limits on individual pins (failure to stay within the limits will burn the PSoC chip!):
    • A digital pin can sink only 8 mA max. and supply 4 mA max. The external circuitry you connect to the pins have to provide the measures to limit the currents flowing through the pins.
    • Voltage levels on the pins at the 3.3 V side should never exceed 3.3 V and similarly not 5 V for the pins at the 5 V side.
  • External power source should never exceed 14 V. DC.
  • If the external power source is connected, jumper should be taken out before connecting a USB cable.


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