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Project Downloads

eBug2014 Project

Screenshot 2016-03-22 17-03-44.png

  • Firmware
    • https://gitlab.com/ebug2014-swarm/ebug2014-firmware
    • https://gitlab.com/ebug2014-swarm/psoc-camera-firmware
    • https://gitlab.com/ebug2014-swarm/nrf-bridge
  • Control Software
    • Wireless Multicamera Control System and Swarm Simulator: https://gitlab.com/wsrnlab/ebug2014-system
  • Electronics
    • eBug2014 main board: https://github.com/monash-wsrn/ebug2014-pcb
    • eBug2014 camera array board: https://github.com/monash-wsrn/ebug2014-camera-array-pcb
    • eBug2014 dual camera expansion board: ebug2014-dual-camera-board
  • Mechanical Design
    • https://gitlab.com/ebug2014-swarm/ebug2014-chassis


eBug Project (replaced by eBug2014 project)

  • Gitlab repository: git@gitlab.com:wsrnlab/ebug-system.git
    • Wireless Multicamera Control System (uses Qt and Open-CV, and is based on this opencv project).
    • eBug firmware sources (current firmware: eBug-v1.18.zip, also contains pin-outs Excel document)

Packet Radio Project

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