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The following are the recommended hardware requirements for WiSeNeT:

  • Computing minimum requirements are the minimum requirements required to run the above software setup. However it is recommended to have an adequate amount of memory (due to threading) and disk space (due to logging).
  • A powered USB hub is required if a single computer is going to be used for multiple packet radio connections. It was found that unpowered USB hubs are not able to provide enough power to adequately operate more than 3-4 packet radios.
    • In this project, the mbeat 13 Port Powered USB Hub Manager was utilised to manage all the packet radio connections.
  • Monash packet radio boards or equivalent nodes.
    • WiSeNeT has primarily been tested on the Monash packet radio boards (Figure 3), however it will work with anything that can be detected as a serial port on the computer, including the ZigBee modules.
    • It was found that the maximum effective transmission range for the packet radio boards was approximately 1.5m with an antenna length of 5cm. This was the maximum range that a packet could still be received in full. Beyond this range, signals were still detected and therefore could cause interference, however a complete packet could not be reconstructed reliably. A longer antenna wire led to a higher effective transmission range.
    • In addition, it was found that that there is a slight increase in the range of the board in the direction that the “tongue” at the tip of the antenna wire is facing.
    • Note that the maximum serial baudrate of the packet radio boards is 9600 bytes/second.
    • As of revision 1.1, WiSeNeT is now also natively compatible with the Monash Smart Packet Radio boards.


Figure 3: Monash packet radio board

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