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Step 2 - Setting up Linux on your card

Mercifully, other people have already done the hard work for us for this step, and there are some nice linux builds out there which should fit nicely with our BB-xM boards. Checking the BB-xM wiki will lead us to the most up to date images:

but for now the following link works so well just use that
  1. Run the following code in command terminal
    wget http://rcn-ee.net/deb/rootfs/quantal/ubuntu-12.10-r2-minimal-armhf-2012-11-29.tar.xz
  2. Verify that image using the following command
    md5sum ubuntu-12.10-r2-minimal-armhf-2012-11-29.tar.xz
    Should you be using the current build, (ubuntu-12.10-r2-minimal-armhf-2012-11-29.tar.xz ), you should see:
    b0ee1964a3f8196f4f1a501d1d2ac83a ubuntu-12.10-r2-minimal-armhf-2012-11-29.tar.xz
  3. Unpack image with the following command
    tar xJf ubuntu-12.10-r2-minimal-armhf-2012-11-29.tar.xz
  4. Go to the unpacked files directory
    cd ubuntu-12.10-r2-minimal-armhf-2012-11-29
  5. Now upload that image to the BB-xM with the following command
    sudo ./setup_sdcard.sh --mmc /dev/sdX --uboot beagle_xm
Nice and simple smile

-- AlYoung - 2013-01-08

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