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Apart from the interrupt generated by the transceiver module, there are three timer overflow interrupts which are used. Two of them are used to operate the RX and TX LEDs. The LEDs are switched on right before the timer is started. When the timer overflows an interrupt occurs, and the interrupts service routine switches the respective LED off. The third interrupt is used for two purposes. Firstly it toggles a blue LED intermittently as long as the firmware is running. This is used to ensure that the microcontroller is still running. If PA7 is pulled to ground and the interrupt is serviced, the temperature is read and sent to the host via USB in a string format.

The function idle_mode is not implemented in the firmware though was used for testing and debugging. Although the function isn’t called, it has been left as it may be necessary for future projects using the board. As the name suggests, the function places the transceiver module in an idle state where it won’t send or receive any information.

The function read_all_registers isn’t used in the firmware either but is another tool which can be used in future projects. The function simply sends the register number followed by the contents of that register to the host via USB. It can be used to ensure the registers are set as required.

-- XiaohongWu - 2012-01-30

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