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This command calls Wisenet with the PSVC program with Geographic Routing (--hop is optional): python wisenet.py -a XX --pro --sym --psvc (--hop)

This command calls the PSVC program with Geographic Routing and Packet Generator: python wisenet.py -a XX --pro --sym --psvc (--hop) -d YY -g -i AA --alrate=BB -n CC

Command/Option Notes
--psvc Opens Wisenet with PSVC enabled

Table: PSVC Options

The 3D visualization function is called as follows: python draw_links3d.py --psvc

Each node keeps a log file detailing when it progresses to each phase and its location at each period. A neighbour table is output at the end of the program containing that nodes one-hop neighbours during time of termination. Reference node p1 outputs the list of reference nodes agreed upon by the network, preventing multiple copies of the same information. Hop count information is produced the same as for the virtual localization module.

Data packets are always forwarded to reference node p1, which acts as the sink node, as it has a known virtual location at (0, 0, 0). When calling the packet generator, the destination node field can be replaced with any node address (except for the node's own address) as the identity of reference node p1 is not yet known. During the PSVC operation, participating nodes will change the destination address of any data packets forwarded to the sink node.

Relevant file(s): psvc_module.py, draw_links3d.py Input file(s): phys_loc_table.csv Output file(s): PSVC_log_XX.csv, PSVC_neighbour_XX.csv, PSVC_reference_nodes.csv, PSVC_hop_count.csv (in results_PSVC)

-- XiaohongWu - 2012-01-25

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