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Here are the steps for programming the microcontroller of the Smart Packet Radio. To demonstrate the process, we will use a short C program. The program, when runs, makes the LED1 of the Smart Packet Radio to blink at 1 Hz.
  1. Install the required tools
  2. Copy the Makefile and spr_mcu_minimal_test.c into a working directory.
  3. cd to this working directory and make. You should now have spr_mcu_minimal_test.hex created.
  4. Get the board into flashing mode: press RST, hold RST and press HWB, release RST, release HWB. Only the two power LEDs should be alight now.
  5. Erase the node:
    sudo dfu-programmer at90usb1286 erase
  6. Flash the node:
    sudo dfu-programmer at90usb1286 flash spr_mcu_minimal_test.hex
  7. Reset the node:
    sudo dfu-programmer at90usb1286 reset
  8. Press the RST button on the board to start running the freshly loaded firmware.

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