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WiSeNeT was developed and run on the following software setup (see Appendix A for a list of useful websites for some of the software below):
  • Linux: Ubuntu 10.10 or higher
    • Ubuntu is the recommended Linux distribution, however it is assumed that WiSeNeT will be able to work on other Linux distributions as long as the other key software requirements are met.
  • Python: Python 2.7.2
    • Version 2.7.2 was selected over 2.6.6 due to the availability of certain key functions in the newer version. At the same time, 2.7.2 was selected over version 3 as the existing testbed was developed in version 2.6.4, and version 3 introduces many new changes which are not backwards compatible.
    • Note, however, that under Ubuntu 10.10, Python 2.6.6 is the native installation. Under Ubuntu 11.04, it is Python 2.7.1. It is not recommended to install another version of Python over or on top of it through the native software distribution channels, due to the deep dependencies between the native Python installation and Ubuntu. A workaround for this is a third-party Python “handling” program: pythonbrew (latest version: 1.1). This program allows additional Python versions to be installed alongside the native installation on any Linux distribution by managing the relevant environment variables to facilitate a switch between the different Python versions.
    • One issue with pythonbrew is that pySerial must be re-installed for each new Python version running through pythonbrew. As the environment variables are changed accordingly through pythonbrew, this was did not pose any major issues as it pointed the installation target to the correct folder. In addition, there was no conflict between the original installation and the new installation of pySerial as the Python installations were located in separate folders.
  • pySerial: pySerial 2.5 or higher
    • Allows Python communication with serial ports.
  • udev: udev rules for Monash packet radios
    • udev rules need to be placed in the /etc/udev/rules.d/ directory for the Monash packet radios to be recognised via Linux kernels. It assigns the appropriate radio## names to packet radios so that they can be addressed from /dev/radio##.
    • Some additional rules have been added to the above udev file to allow ZigBee modules to be recognised in the same way as the packet radios.
    • Refer to Appendix D for the relevant udev rules.
  • SVN (Subversion): SVN 1.6.12 or higher
    • Revision control system to track changes to the system development.
  • gedit: gedit 2.30.3 or higher
    • gedit is a text editor for the GNOME Desktop, which comes installed by default with Ubuntu.
    • Useful plugins:
    • Advanced Find/Replace: search and replace in all documents/tabs.
    • File Browser Pane: easy file access from the side pane.
    • Find In Documents: search all open documents, or documents in active directory.
    • Smart Highlighting: highlighting all occurrences of the selected text.
    • TabPgUpPgDown: switch between documents using Ctrl + Pg Up / Ctrl + Pg Down.
    • TabSwitch: allows to Ctrl + Tab switch between documents.
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