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When the device is programmed and connected, Windows 7 should recognise the Smart Packet Radio as a communications port and subsequently install the required drivers.

The program used in testing to access the communications port was “Terminal by Brady”. This can also be downloaded for free. One of the limitations using the Smart Packet Radio with Windows is that a script can’t be written which handles reading and writing to the communications port. As such the only intelligence on the user end is writing the packet that wishes to be sent, and choosing a rate of transmitting those packets (to a maximum of 100 times a second). The programs interface is as follows:

Figure - Toolbar of Terminal Program

After the device has been programmed and reset, select “ReScan” and it should show up in the dropdown menu to the right as one of the COM ports. The baud rate can also be chosen. The data bits must be set to 8, with no parity and 1 stop bits. There’s also no handshaking. The other important selection is whether you want the data to be displayed in HEX or ASCII.

Once the desired settings have been chosen, select “Connect” from the top left hand corner. If the output is selected to be displayed in hex, any information received from another device should automatically show up on the screen. If the temperature sensor is enabled, ASCII display should be selected as the temperature will be printed approximately twice a second.

To send information, select “Set Macros” located at the bottom. The following screen will be presented:

Figure - Macro Settings Menu (Terminal Program)

The information to be sent should be entered in HEX using the format $AA for a HEX value of 0xAA. It’s important to note that spaces shouldn’t be placed between bytes, and that if using the firmware the appropriate packet format is used (i.e. Destination address, don’t care, payload length, payload). If the checkbox at the end of the macro is checked, that macro will be sent to the relevant port every 1000 ms. This number can be changed to a minimum of 10 ms.

-- XiaohongWu - 2012-01-30

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