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Dr. Le Nguyen Binh - has left monash university at the end of 2010

Dr L.N. Binh specialises in very high bit rate Optical Communications and has recently had donations from Telstra and Siemens and has a 10x 16 Gb/s optically amplified long-haul transmission system in the Optical Communications and Applied Photonics Lab, which has been donated by Siemens. He has been researching 40Gb/s and beyond WDM systems as well as simulating optical components and quantum communications.

Dr. Binh's publications list can be seen here on the old no longer maintainted CTIE website.

The university maintains a list of publications in the Monash Research Directory:
An author search for Dr. Binh brings up prior publications

Dr. Binh has compiled a list of his research and development publications from the last six years 2003-2009.

Dr Binh has left Monash University at the end of 2010.