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Electronics research is hardware directed and is concerned more with components and subsystems than complete systems.


The undergraduate electronic circuits laboratory is well equipped for experiments in the frequency range from DC to around 20 MHz. About 30 bench places are equipped with power supplies, signal generators and test instruments, and a wide range of small components is held in stock. Simulation packages such as SPICE are available.

For research there is equipment covering the frequency range from DC to low microwave frequencies: real-time oscilloscopes to 300MHz, sampling oscilloscopes to 3GHz, nanosecond pulse generators, oscillators, analyzers, etc. The workshop has computer layout packages and facilities for producing multi-layer printed-circuit boards.

For quantum electronics and photonics research, facilities include single photon detection systems, ultra-fast pulse detectors, ultra-wide -band modulators and detectors, and software packages for advanced optoelectronic and photonic design.

Power electronics research is supported by the Power Electronics Group, which investigates both the theoretical and practical aspects of power electronic converters and their associated controls. Facilities are available to support the development of converters ranging from 100VA up to beyond 50kVA, operating either as a drive system, grid connected systems or in stand alone mode. The group is particularly effective in adapting leading edge theoretical concepts to practical converter applications, to achieve a complete "ready-to-manufacture" outcome.

Staff Research Interests

Associate Professor Kim Ng

Electronics in general, instrumentation, machine vision,noncontact metrology.

Dr. Le Binh

Quantum electronics, fibre optics, optoelectronic devices.

Dr Grahame Holmes

Power electronics

Current and proposed projects

Loudspeaker systems, especially sub-woofers and motional feedback.

G K Cambrell & E M Cherry.

Biostereometrics, face recognition

K Ng.

3-D shape measurement (See also under Computer Systems).

K Ng.

Optoelectronic devices

L N Binh.

Quantum information processing(see also under Telecommunications)

L N Binh.

Power electronics and converters (see under Electrical Power)

G Holmes